KSS Board Meeting


Attendees: Howard Kalnitz, Sean Vanderhoff, Shelia Minor, Amber Yuellig, Bob Roth, Jim Currens, Mike Keltner



  • Howard has been receiving comments that Jim Currens had an interview on the radio

  • Lexington community radio, program called BIOS


Reading of Previous Minutes

-read by Amber Yuellig

-motion made by Sean, second Howard

- approved unanimously


Treasures Report

  • No report

  • “got $60.04” maybe data request fee?


Committee Reports

Data Access Committee

  • no report

Database Committee

  • reports keep coming in

    • just entered about 20-30 caves from Isaaacs, Bobo and one of the environmental consultants

  • New esri group nearing completion

    • Base layer complete

    • County groups are setup

    • Data is being deployed to count groups in a way that allows instant updating

    • Will most likely keep filemaker pro as base data but not deployed to county coordinators

    • Should be deploying to county coordinators in the next few weeks

    • Also has an emergency group

Membership Committee

  • membership committee is going to get the most recent version of the PowerPoint and take it over

  • next year when the bylaws are updated again, we will add an official standing committee, the committee will draft a description of functions of the committee

Newsletter Update

  • there is still one newsletter Howard needs to send out

Grant Committee

  • Amber Yuellig will head the granting committee

  • Will outline our granting program: scope, amounts, what we will receive from grantees

Data Safeguard

  • no updates

Survey Initiative Weekend

  • we need to receive data back from previous survey initiatives

  • Next survey initiative will be second weekend of June, Wells Cave; camping will be at Great Saltpetre Cave preserve, final agenda will be posted to Yahoo and Facebook


Arch Database Data Sharing

- no report


Kentucky Nature Preserves Committee

  • will set up some time after our ArcGIS conversion to work with this group

  • suggest face to face meeting in the fall


New Business

  • KSS is giving presentations at State Cave Survey session at NSS Convention in Montana

  • Welcome presenters or folks who would like to help present


Motion to close- Howard

Second- Amber

Meeting ended 7:42 pm


Will go back to normal time/ date next time


Next meeting: June 20 7pm