The Kentucky Speleological Survey (KSS) is an organization dedicated to the study of cave and karst resources throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The KSS is affiliated with the Kentucky Geological Survey.

To further these goals the KSS gathers and archives information to be used in the conservation, research, and exploration of caves and karst. Our archives contain cave maps, survey notes, exploration photos, descriptions, GIS files, and many other forms of information. We hope that this information will aid in the discovery, survey, and mapping of caves throughout the state

As an organization, we look to work with individuals and organizations to grow our database, as well as share information with responsible parties. The Kentucky Speleological Survey takes our role in protecting caves and karst very seriously. We only share data via legitimate requests by cavers, landowners, governmental and environmental agencies. Please contact us directly for any requests or fill out the KSS information request form.

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Kentucky's 5000th Known Cave Press Release


We have a Cave Reporter App that you can use on your Apple or Android phone and can submit and document caves in the state of Kentucky.

You can download the app here!

You can download or view instruction in PDF format here!